Thursday, March 20, 2014


WARNING!!! IOS 7.1 is not Jail-breakable for now.
This is for any Jailbreak devices running IOS 7.01 to 7.06.

This is how I saved my jailbreak while restoring my iPad to a "clean" state. As you now, if you install and try tweaks eventually your iDevice will lag, respring, or slowdown. The last one was my reason to desperately try to save my Jailbreak.

You will need the following repo to install iLex Rat.

Open up Cydia and enter this:

Then install:
Install iLEX R.A.T (IOS 7) the specialist beta

Install MobileTerminal from the BigBoss repo
Don't forget to change your SSH password.

Open MobileTerminal and type: rat (hit enter)
Here you can choose the option that works better for you. In my case it was number 12.

A warning showed up.
I typed "Y" as I did want all content and settings to be erased.

Eventually it will ask if you want to keep iLexRat (I chose yes). You can choose Yes or No, it is up to you and it won't affect the process. It will reboot your iDevice and when it finishes simply restore from iCloud or iTunes.

Hope this entry helps as much as it helped me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Flea" market

I think the one thing everyone should check out are these little markets. They have all kinds of goods. I went to a particular one that happens once a month. This market had everything. From a place to get a haircut, food (cooked and raw) to Lego stuff.

If you're looking for antiques this is one place to check out. They had buttons, pins, porcelain, coffee grinders. Some of these items were fairly old, some were very well made replicas. 

Does anyone want a game boy?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Mexican experience and the bad restaurant.

I just recently introduced my girlfriend to Mexican food. Being of European decent she had never had a burrito or anything Mexican. I thought it would be only fair for her to eat Americas favorite food. Let's face it we have all eaten a burrito and liked it.
We tried Chipotle, she not only liked it, she told me to cook it at home. So, I attempted to cook for us. I dirtied every pot at the house and half our dishes, but I managed to cook enough for all. My girlfriend loved it. I know she did because we finished everything. I was actually shocked I did it, the reason behind it is because I'm not Mexican nor have I ever worked in a Mexican/Latin restaurant before. Go me! Thank you Mexican people for creating such a meal that is easy enough for a clumps like me to cook.

A few weeks go by and my girlfriends friend mention this cool Mexican place near all of us. We decided to try it out. There we were, the 4 of us. Getting a table wasn't difficult, we ordered drinks and appetizers and our meals of course. What happened next is a travesty and an insult to everyone. We got our drinks fast (the bar was just 20 feet away no surprise there). We waited an hour and a half. You're probably wondering why? So am I. We complained about having nothing to eat at the table for a bit and not much really happened. Our food finally came (half the order was wrong). The saddest thing about the whole thing was that the food was average at best. And that's pushing it. Taco Bell maybe has food just as good as this for a fraction of the price. In conclusion, enchiladas sucks. Yes, that is the name of the place.

Paying time! I mean, Taco Bell at 2-3am on a Saturday has better service too. We paid but there was an issue the card reader wouldn't read the credit card. The already rude waiter became even more rude. We tried to explain that the card had enough funds to buy more of that questionable Mexican food. But we were getting the "you're criminals" treatment. If they would put that much effort into their food as this guy puts effort on trying to be "too cool for school" maybe their food would be better. Our friend paid in the end (we paid him back, the money was there all along). We headed to a near by pub and called it a night.

If you're in the area (Frankfurt/Wiesbaden) go to Chidoba. It's better, cheaper. But really, if you're a tourist go to a normal German place their food is delicious.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

YouTube Channel (not mine)

A little over a week, one of my dearest friends created a channel on YouTube. It's about everything. The first video is already up. My girlfriend and I helped create the banner and the picture you see on the channel. I also had some input with the music. I wish my friend, almost sister the best of luck on her project. Here is the link:

Lili's World

Lili's World
Have fun kids.

The washer

As with any home appliance, our washer started to malfunction. We decided to send her to the big washer farm upstate so it can roam around and wash clothes freely.

The new machine arrived, I was home to accept the delivery. It seemed as easy as just signing for it. The problem was: 
They would come from 1-6 pm. In my head that meant I would be eating lunch and they would come (because I eat lunch from 1-6 like a normal person).
We have 2 permanent roommates her names are Sandy and Maggie. The average cat hears the door bell and they hide for days, weeks even. Our permanent roommates are different. They go to the door and greet you, they ask how's the family, they ask for a belly rub and some treats.
Also, the front door, hallway, stair door would be open. Which means our roommates would attempt an escape and live in the woods and we would never see them again. A little tough to explain to my SO. "Honey, the girls escaped. But they left their catnip behind, so, I think they'll comeback."
The girls before the kitchen incarceration. (Black stripes to protect their identities LMAO)

The delivery people were here. I locked the girls in the kitchen. I unlocked the door. I decided to go downstairs. I asked one of the guys if he spoke English. He replied: "nein, nein deutsche" with a heavy Russian accent. Which I understood great neither of us speaks a common language. I pointed at the stairs. The second guy said: "we go upstairs." And that was the last sentence everyone uttered until it was time to sign for the washer. The one guy said something like this in German: "sign here, initial here for your first born, sign here to donate all your blood." At that point he was just messing with my head. He then said in English "I almost forgot guarantee." Then both left.

Now, I'm wondering why there's a washing machine wrapped in plastic and no one in sight to install it. Time to "Google" some stuff.

Wish me luck people.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The new year, Raclette and fireworks

Happy New Years people!

Being in Germany for New Years was a bag mixed of surprises. Dinner was amazing, I can describe it as a Lego meal, in the sense that you have to put it together to eat it. I was excited about it, because I was never allowed to play with my food. but, there I was mixing and matching cooking and grilling my bite size meal. I wanna eat Raclette every weekend if possible.

Raclette and salt (beer for comparison)
After eating and drinking, what's a family to do? You go to the streets and show your appreciation for Chinese creativity, that's how. I had seen fireworks back home on Independence day, New Years, sure. Had I actually do it my self? No, not really. So, my adopted family began to explain how it works. I just kept asking: "Do we have permits to do this?" "Is this cool with the neighbors?" And everyone's favorite. "So, do I just hold this (fire cracker) or throw it?". I sent a message to my mom and sister. "They have fireworks here" what I meant to say was "I'm about to burn myself with firecrackers, I love you guys. Sorry I wasn't a better son and brother." My mother replied "I hope you don't get burn" what she meant to say was, "it was nice knowing you." My sister replied "Haha" what she meant was "Payback time."

To my surprise, all the neighbors were outside, wishing each other a happy new year. Pulling boxes out. Shortly after the firework display started. Basically everyone in the neighborhood had bought at least a box of fire works. And were celebrating until the last firecracker exploded. Needless to say, I liked it and can't wait for next year.

Let's get back to business. Happy 2014.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The holidays

First of all, I would like to start with a Merry Christmas or whatever you're into.

This past holidays, I tortured my girlfriend to the extreme. it wasn't because she didn't get any gifts, it was even worst!!!! My family came to visit from Italy (it's a long story why they came from Italy instead of the USA).

My girlfriend "German" her way throughout the ordeal. Making sure that everything was perfect with an iron fist. Most of the time you'd hear "no, you sit I will do it." Or "It's not perfect and it should be trash". I'm not complaining about my girlfriend at all. But it got me thinking about the mentality here. That certain dedication to make everything wonderful and friendly for everyone. I'm happy to report that after a week everyone is alive and well. 

Even if it's a little late. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa for anyone reading my little ghost town blog.

Be safe this holiday season. Cheers!